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Most Versatile Kid: 9 Year Old Reyansh Gaur

Neetika Mahawar



9 Year Old Reyansh Gaur

Reyansh Gaur (D.O.B–05/08/2010) at the age of 9 years achieved top positions in most of the fields till 2020. A Super, Multi-talented, Extraordinary child. India Book of Records__Record Holder( Highest Kick, 360-degree Tae-kwondo ) and BLACK BELT. He is the only child in India having this Title of Records. Medalist in sports Tae-kwondo and Athletic-Race. Won number of Trophies and medals in DanceDrawing and Sketches selected/exhibited on exhibitions. Creative Writing selected as well as published on website and book. Also interested in Swimming and Skating do practices on the weekend. Academic Excellency Topper every year and Gold medals/Excellence in all other educational activities. Reyansh Multi-Tasking abilities make him Most Versatile Kid in INDIA.

Media TV/Print

Reyansh on childhood is always very curious about doing and learning new things. He got involved most of the activities, his hard work and passion make him be successful in all. Reyansh holding many awards with respect to many fields such as Sports, Dance, Art, Education, and Extra activities, etc. Numbers of National/State/City NEWS channels and Newspapers have telecast-ed or published achievements of multi-talented Reyansh.

Zee Business, News 18, MPTAK-Aaj Tak, Star News, India News, Local News TV [ All News ], Danik Bhaskar, Haribhoomi, RajExpress, Hitvada, etc …..[ All Newspaper ]

StarKid, Multi-Talented, Artist, and Creative Reyansh Gaur best Achievements in 2019-2020 have brought glory to Madhya Pradesh in India.

Big Day July 2019

Most Versatile Kid Reyansh Gaur

The achievement of 8-year-old Reyansh Gaur is amazing. Jabalpur-born Reyansh’s name has been registered in the India Book of Records, which is governed by the rules of the Asia Book of Records. Reyansh has recorded his name in July 2019, recording a record in the highest kick-360 degrees. Reyansh is the only child in India who has recorded this record title.


In November 2019, Reyansh Gaur was awarded the India Glory Award in Jaipur. The award was conferred by TV and film actor Phool Singh and other great personalities. In this award function, TV film actors, actresses, film and TV producers, politicians, social activists, doctors, I.A.S, Great celebrities like officers were involved. Reyansh Gaur also captivated everyone by showing her dance performance in this award function.

National Excellence/Rashtriya Ratan Award in New Delhi in November 2019 Awarded for outstanding achievements and outstanding performance.

The award was conferred by Delhi Pradesh Congress General Secretary Anurudh Lal, Bollywood actor Kunal Singh Rajput and other great personalities. This award function included great celebrities like film actors, actresses, models, film producers, politicians, social activists.

The International Kalam Golden Awards – Best Achiever of the Year in Chennai was presented by the 2019 Kalam Book of Records (World Records) in October 2019.

National Award 2019 to Reyansh was given by All India Engineering Students Organization (E.S.O. India) in Jabalpur. This Honour was given by  National Chairman (E.S.O India) Praveen Singh- State Executive Member Bhartiya Janta Party and Dr. Poonam Prasad at Jabalpur.

Reyansh Gaur was awarded the Pride of India Education Award – Best Student of the Year in Delhi 2020 for her outstanding performance in the field of education and other activities. The award was awarded to Reyansh Gaur from the hands of noted celebrity Mandira Bedi. Many personalities like C.E.O, Doctors, School Principals, College Deans were honored in this function. In this award function, the youngest was 9-year-old Reyansh, who was given this award among all the great personalities.

Reyansh Gaur was awarded the Student of the Year 2019 Award for Life India Corporation and Radio FM 93 .5 for his outstanding performance in his field of education.

He has been awarded the Best Athletic of the Year 2019 on behalf of her school at Jabalpur.

Reyansh also made his place in Whiz Spellbee by earning the Gold medal at the state in 2019 November.

Appointment as Brand Ambassador

Reyansh Gaur has recently been appointed as Hovar Robotics (Ludhiana, Punjab) and Mentorox’s International Youth Brand Ambassador in 2020. SP entertainment Event Organizers also appointed him as brand ambassador 2020 of Indian pageant event. Invited as celebrity Guest for fashions show programs.

9-year-old Reyansh always works hard and busy with lots of activities. Reyansh had been mastered in dance, writing, drawing, Roller skating, piano, swimming, taekwondo. From the age of 6, Reyansh started learning dance and received many awards in his dance journey. He performs hip hop and Bollywood dance. He makes paintings and sketches in the drawing. His art has been selected and displayed in Mumbai and Pune Exhibitions. Reyansh has completed his black belt degree in Taekwondo in 2018 and won medals in State and District Competitions of Taekwondo.

Reyansh’s article has been selected in many places. Articles have been displayed on websites like Monomosumi and Khula Aasmaan website online. His article also published in Cocktail Creative book, which is available on big online shopping websites like Amazon and Flipkart. Besides being a topper in studies, he also has an interest in swimming and skating too, which he practices during weekends. It’s very amazing of Reyansh that he started his first learning in swimming in the river.

He loves English songs and also sings well. Maybe you guys are wondering how this young child here can flourish in so many activities. Yes, Reyansh is multi-talented and do all things under systemic ways and in combinations. He follows a smart set of proper time management. Where kids nowadays spending their time on TV and mobiles. Here Reyansh uses the time to learn new things and to improve in what already achieved.

Today’s Reyansh upcoming star Talent is becoming ideal for Parents and kids. At the little age attending top positions in many fields make him Most Versatile Kid in India. Also, he has got fame and well know the kid. Every child has talents in it only the thing is to get it to recognize. Every parent has to give time to their kids and focus on their activities. 

This article was contributed to Gud Story by Sunita Gaur. If you have anything to share, Feel free to write to us on

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What It Takes To Become A Forensic Criminologist

Neetika Mahawar



Forensic Criminologist

Forensic Criminology is a field that involves investigating actions, assessing crime, and understanding the behaviors behind criminal activities amongst several other requirements. If you have an interest in the law and our justice system or are intrigued by psychology and the behavioral patterns of people involved in crime, forensic criminology could be a great career field for you. People who work in this role help to prevent crime by understanding criminal attitudes. Forensic criminologists work alongside the authorities with the use of their expertise and skills and are typically educated to a degree level.

Understanding the Role of a Forensic Criminologist

Forensic criminologists focus on the psychological aspects of crimes to determine types of criminal behavior and the after-effects that felonies leave on any victims involved. Their work aids courts and lawmakers in the decisions that are made when enforcing procedures and policies.

Some people may confuse forensic criminologists with forensic scientists; however, the responsibilities of forensic scientists and forensic criminologists are different. While forensic scientists study evidence and samples from a crime scene, it is the forensic criminologist’s job to observe the demeanor and nature of lawbreakers. It is their job to analyze the whole personality of the criminal, understanding their mindset so it is possible to target the causes behind their past and current crimes.

Learning about their victims is also an essential factor in the job of assessing the criminal’s behavior. Great communication skills and the ability to think critically are useful attributes when choosing to work in this sector. Forensic criminology does require scientific research and scientific capabilities, which is usually why confusion on the differences between these roles can arise.

An Interest in Supporting the Justice System

Supporting the criminal justice system plays a huge part in the role of a forensic criminologist. From testifying in court to working alongside the law at crime scenes, expert knowledge is an important necessity when it comes to solving and preventing crime. There are many questions asked at trials to help the judge and jury understand exactly how the crime happened, meaning the criminologist’s full understanding of the criminal’s frame of mind is incredibly useful information to the court when coming to a fair and justifiable verdict.

Being Able to Work with the Mentally Ill

Adjusting the approach and perspective of how criminals are investigated is expected when working as a forensic criminologist. Recognizing what motivates any criminal to commit a crime is part of the job, and you will find different backgrounds, reasons, and circumstances in most cases. Crimes committed by someone suffering from a mental disorder must be approached with a specific set of questions, such as does their mental illness affect their ability to think clearly? The treatment strategies taken with mentally ill offenders are intended to help understand their behavioral functioning and improve their ability to cope.

Before sending mentally ill criminals to trial, a medical report is obtained and considered. In cases where there is mental health disposal from the court, satisfactory treatment and management for the offender will be available.

Getting Your Forensic Criminology Degree

Criminology enthusiasts do not always have to attend college to gain their education. A Combined Honours BA in Criminology and Policing can be achieved with institutions like Wilfrid Laurier Online, where you can also find what a typical day as a forensic criminologist involves. Completely online courses like these mean you can even study from home in a flexible way.

Deciding Where Your Criminology Career Will Take You

There are several paths you can take with a degree in criminology. Opportunities to work your way up in this career field can take you in many different directions, opening a wide range of options. Jobs with the government, social work, or working in prisons are just a few career avenues you could take. Think about what interests you the most when it comes to criminology and the criminal justice sector. Some other jobs besides a criminologist that you can accomplish with a criminology degree are:

  • Police Officer
  • Social Worker
  • Detective
  • Prison Officer
  • Investigator
  • Youth Probation Officer
  • Criminal Psychologist

Overall, if you have a desire to pursue a career in criminology, it can be acquired through education and studying, even if you have no previous experience with the law.

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What is Melanoma? Detail About 4 Types of Melanoma





Detail About 4 Types of Melanoma

The most serious kind of skin cancer, melanoma can be treated successfully if detected early. The risk of developing malignant melanoma is a combination of genetic predisposition, environmental factors, and lifestyle backgrounds. It starts, like most cancers do, as an uncontrollable dividing cell, in that case, the melanocyte, that is overlooked by our immune system, a mishap occurring most likely due to a genetic mutation that makes this abnormal growth go unnoticed for a while.

Melanocyte is the cell giving our skin its color and protecting us from UV UVA radiation, but also the one that multiplies itself uncontrollably in melanoma. It can happen at any age but mostly in young adults; it has a higher occurrence in the mid-20 to late ’30s, an age that most people are actively living their life, most of them carefree of sun damage. It’s alarming: in the given condition of our planet, solar radiation is increasing and, although epidemiology still corroborates that most cases happen in equatorial countries, the number of cases in Europe is on the rise.

Melanoma was once considered rare cancer in most developed countries but its incidence has risen faster than any other type of cancer since the ’50s. It’s the sixth most common cause of cancer in the United States. Prevention and monitoring are still the best treatment for skin cancer; if someone in your family has or had any sort of skin cancer, tell your doctors. If you’re not sure, get tested. Genetic testing gives you an advanced state of foresight; knowing your genetic background empowers you and creates awareness to change lifestyle and exposure to other predisposing factors.

Types of Melanoma

Melanoma has four basic types, three of them begin in situ: it starts at the top layers of the skin and sometimes they become invasive, one of them is invasive from the start, and the severity of those cancers is measured by how deeply it invades your skin.

1. Superficial spreading melanoma

is the most common type, about 70% of all cases. As the name suggests, this melanoma grows along with the top layer of the skin for quite some time before penetrating more deeply. The first sign for superficial spreading melanoma denotes the appearance of a flat or slightly raised discolored patch with irregular borders and a somewhat asymmetrical shape. The color varies as you may see areas of tan, brown, black, red, blue, or white. If there is a previously benign mole, it has a high chance of this melanoma. Superficial spreading melanoma can occur in a previously benign mole. This melanoma can be found almost anywhere on the body, but it is most likely to occur on the trunk in men, the legs in women, and the upper back in both genders.

2. Lentigo Maligna Melanoma

is similar to the superficial spreading type: it’s also closer to the skin surface for a while, and usually appears as a flat or mildly elevated mottled tan, brown or dark brown discoloration. Arising on chronically sun-exposed, damaged skin on the face, arms, upper trunk, and face or elderly skin is most likely to get affected by this type of in situ melanoma. Doctors referred it to as lentigo Maligna melanoma if this cancer becomes invasive.

3. Acral Lentiginous Melanoma

is very common in Asians and Americans-African and least similar among Caucasians. It also spreads superficially on the skin before penetrating more deeply. It is different from the others, though, as it usually appears as a black or brown discoloration under the nails or on the soles of the feet or palms of the hands. Sometimes Acral Lentiginous Melanoma is found in people who are dark-skinned and become advance quickly than lentigo Maligna and superficial spreading melanoma.

4. Nodular Melanoma

is usually invasive at the time it is first diagnosed. The malignancy is recognized when it becomes a bump. It is usually black, but occasionally blue, gray, white, brown, tan, red, or skin tone. This is the most aggressive of the melanomas, making 10 to 15 percent of the diagnosed cases. It affects legs, arms, and trunk of aged people, as well as men’s scalp.

Featured image source: ChesiireCat/Getty Images

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Top Essential Things To Know To Become A B2B Tech Marketer

Satendra Kashyap



B2B Tech Marketer

A B2B tech marketer is a professional that develops advertising strategies to promotes the services of a specific company. These professionals mainly formulate their plans based on the requirements of the customers. The common strategies include email marketing, social marketing, PPC advertising, SEO plans, etc. In case you aspire to be one of the successful B2B tech marketers, here are some of the essential things to know:

1. Not Two Personas Are Same

The first thing you need to understand is that no two personalities can ever be the same. You need to take the requirements of the customers in consideration and formulate the marketing plans for the products.

2. Online Expertise at Your Service

The next thing you might consider would be hiring the services of an online expert. In today’s world, every business use technology to reach out to the audience. You need a website to market your products and services n the digital platform.

Such a marketing plan would help you to reach out to the audience across the globe. But in such a case, you need the services of a reputed tech professional who can guide you through the details of digital marketing.

3. Who Are the Trendsetters on Social Media?

Most of the corporate companies and other organizations make sure to use the social media platform for promoting their trade. If you want to promote your company too, it is time to look for influencers on social media. Instagram happens to be one of the trending social media platforms. Many companies even like to buy Instagram likes and followers to increase the visibility of their profile.

Hence, to become a successful B2B tech marketer, you need to stay ahead in the game of Instagram and other such media platforms. You can engage in friendly conversations with the customers directly. Or you can hire the influencers that can help in the paid marketing of the products of your company.

4. A-B-Cs of Marketing

Completing a degree in the marketing field will only help you to learn the fundamental theories involved with the same. But the real challenge kicks in when you need to utilize such knowledge in the actual world. Make sure to go through case studies to learn practical marketing strategies used for promoting a business.

5. Develop Content

Marketing remains closely associated with the content. It is necessary to frame the content as per the requirements of the products. The right kind of content will help you to garner the attention of the audience without any hassles. Hence, make sure to hire the professionals accordingly to channelize the content for the website.

Overall, make sure to use the social media platform entirely for marketing the products digitally across the world. People using such profiles tend to invest in services from companies like Greedier Social Media for increasing the visibility of their profile. Such services help in driving the potential traffic towards the profile of the company. Therefore, make sure to develop your skills to become the best B2B tech marketer for your company.

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