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Piggy Chapter 11 Release Date, Players, Modes and All Details




Piggy Chapter 11 Release Date

Piggy is a survival and endurance game by Roblox produced by Mini Toon. The game contains many objectives which the player has to undergo. This is a satire on the popular kid’s show “Peppa Pig” and “Granny”. Piggies in the game look similar to the main character Peppa the pig which is a British children’s show. This game is also based on the horror theme similar to the creepy game Granny who locks the players in the house. Here is some more information about the game for your benefit.

What about the Piggy chapter 11 Release date?

The date is still not yet set for the release of Piggy chapter 11. But there are many speculations about the certainty of the release of chapter 11. Many things in the game are not clear so only chapter 11 will reveal some clues. The coronavirus pandemic is also the reason for the delay in release. So we have to wait for official updates from the creators.

What is the game Piggy about?

The players can either play as a piggy or the survivor in the game. If the player opts to be the survivor then they have to escape from the pigs who will try in every possible way to put an end to their existence. If they play as the pig they have to kill the survivor. There are the ten chapters in the game now but there is going to be a new chapter release. Each of the chapters the player can finish by winning it and the player can continue playing in the next chapter.


The players will be able to observe many items that are clues for them to find the exit and they have to hurry because the piggies are hard on their heels to kill them. Other than piggies there are also traitors that the players need to be wary of. They will use dangerous traps to delay your journey. Players will also have the power to kill the pig and even stun it for some time.

The types of modes

Piggy Horror survival game

There are many types of interesting modes in the piggy game which the players can choose before playing and there are five rounds in the game.

1. Bot

In the mode, the computer will play as Piggy and the survivor is the player. It can use tactics to kill the player if they are near to it.

2. Player and Bot

In the mode, the player and the bot are team members of two pigs.

3. Player

In this mode, a player gets picked causally to be the piggy and their job is to delay and kill the survivors from escaping.

3. Infection

The players get picked by random to play as piggies. If the player dies they can combine with the piggy group and continue in the game to stop the survivor from escaping. The game will end if the player gets out safely or if all the piggies die.

5. Traitor

In this mode, the piggy is the bot and the player will be arbitrarily selected as the traitor.

The Spoilers of Piggy chapters

Piggy Chapter 11

The bunny

Bunny is the character who comes in chapter 5. The Player has to save the bunny and then have to meet Mr. P in the basement. The character also appears in chapter 6. She gives the tool to stun the piggy. The ending will reveal that she has drunk a potion given to her by Mr. P and we are doubtful if she gets infected. She asks you to go to the train station without her to keep the player safe and colour of the font is teal.

The Doggy

The Doggy first arrives in chapter 2. He will be waiting in the garage to escape with the player. The Doggy  also makes an appearance in chapter 3 and 4. He may be a police officer as per some speculations. The colour of his font is purple.

Mr. P

He arrives in chapter 5. The player talks with him through the radio. In chapter 11, he will be in an unhappy state because half of his body is now a machine.


The piggy game is a terrific experience which is scary as well as interesting. We do not know when a piggy will arrive to startle us or kill us. The new chapter will have many exciting and alarming events.

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PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 Update: Features, Maps, Fix and All





PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 Update

There was recent news about the features available in PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update. It got presented in the form of closed beta and the creators made an official statement in social media about it. There is a new map added with the title Livik Map. Now the developers have tweeted more information about it. Find all the details about the PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 Update here. As this game is one of the most played games the creators have expanded the horizons with the improvements that will prove beneficial to the players.

When is the release date?

The new PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 Update will release on July 7. The new map is the Livik map and also some extra features added in the game. This will get released as PUBG mobile season 13. The new update also will come with season 14 containing royale pass.

The new features in PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 Update

The players will receive an Evo-Ground mode titled Armory Arena. The mode will be five-vs-five. The players of the game have to kill the enemies with eighteen kinds of weapons. This will help the players to win the match. If the player makes a kill they will get a new weapon. A new type of map titled Library will also be part of the update. The players can find it in the Armory Arena mode.


0.19.0 Beta brings a new map called Fourex that has all features of all four classic maps in PUBG Mobile.

The most fantastic part of the patch is the Livik map. The map is the first one in the PUBG Mobile called as Battle royale map. The map appears small with only forty players taking part in the battle at the same time. The theme of the map is Nordic in nature and it will have a waterfall, snow-capped mountains, and flower fields. Moreover, other updates will be the settings that will allow enabling or disabling the rotation of the camera. The sights termed as ADS and specific types of colours for effects are also part of it.


Mosin Nagant is a new sniper gun that is is quite similar to the legendary sniper gun Kar98k

Some of the other added features will be

 – Monster Trucks

Monster Trucks are one of the interesting things in PUBG Mobile. These are powerful and fantastic and will be available on the secret map.

– Sky Temples

In the current update of PUBG beta, there is a new event titled ‘Ancient Secret’ that belongs to Miramar. The players can identify in the desert maps the Sky Temples. The temples are able to fly in the sky which is a good feature.

– Mummy Boss

The Mummy Boss is a mighty Pharaoh that lives inside the Sky Temple. It is one of the secrets in the game. The Mummy will also come with scary snakes and will attempt to kill the player.

– Library Gun Game Mode

Tencent Games seems to bring Library Map to the global PUBG Mobile

The 0.19.0 Update will bring the mode of Library Gun game. With the help of this mode, the teams in the game will fight with each other. The mode will also contain the gun switch mechanism.

– Disable Button

In the new PUBG Mobile, there is going to be a new button. With the help of the button, they can do away with the extra buttons.


These are some of the features present in PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 Update. If you are a player of PUBG Mobile then these features will prove useful to you.

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Top 5 games for learning English, vocabulary, and grammar

Satendra Kashyap



Top 5 games for learning English, vocabulary, and grammar

Speaking fluent English can be somehow challenging to both native and non-native speakers. It is not only speaking but also applying it through writing. Sometimes we make minor mistakes; other times, we make significant mistakes that may change the meaning of what we intend to say. Areas such as custom dissertation writing should be taken critically since some of them test grammar. They should be free from any grammatical errors.

Learning English

Developers have made a lot of effort to make sure your English is top-notch. They have developed games that will help you polish your English, vocabulary, and grammar. Have a look at the following games that will help you polish your English.

1. Hangman 

Hangman Game

This is basically a spelling game. By using this game, you get to know how to spell different words. One person faces a group of people. You will find that there is a chooser in this game who selects a mystery word. He then writes the blank word on a paper.

The people in the group try to figure out the missing numbers. When they get it wrong, the chooser draws part of the hangman. When they get it correct, the chooser fills on the blank letters. For you to be on the better side, you should know as much vocabulary as possible. This will make you have a variety of guesses. When the mystery word is gotten right, the group wins; if it is gotten wrong until the end, the chooser wins.

2. Fruits baskets 

If you have problems speaking or listening to English, then a fruit basket game is your thing.  It focuses on improving the way you spell words. It also stresses on the best usage of the phrase. In this game, there is neither a loser nor a winner; it is a group game.

How to play this game is very simple. All the people in the game sit down on chairs expect one person. This one person takes the middle position and mentions a word or phrase. Whoever meets the requirements of the phrase changes his or her sitting position.  Whoever remains without the chair becomes the stander. He starts the game again by saying any word or phrase.

4. 20 questions

There is no significant difference between the hangman game and 20 questions. In this case, you need at least two players. The chooser selects any name, and the players must guess which word it is. If the groups get it right, they become the winner. If they get it wrong, the chooser wins.

This is a simple game and can involve as many people as possible. The area it is likely to perfect is your vocabulary. It also helps in improving phrases that we all use every day. If you have had a hard time with vocabulary, give 20 questions a try.

5. Taboo 

This is a mind game that requires a high level of thinking. There is the main card with the main word. Underneath this card, there are other words similar to the main word. Some of these words are synonyms, while others are words related to the main word.

For you to win the game, you have to describe the meaning of the main word without looking at the synonyms or other related words. As you can see, you need to brainstorm a lot for you to get it right. The ultimate result is that your vocabulary and grammar will shoot up.

6. Once upon time

This game is entirely about storytelling. There are different cards, each with a different story. The story has just a start and an end. The storyteller must brainstorm and complete the story. If the story is not sweet, other players can interrupt and start telling stories in their cards. This is the best way to learn vocabulary and be creative at the same time. You can put as many vocabulary as you wish on your card. Your friends will help you figure out the meaning of those words.

As you can see, using games to learn English, vocabulary, and grammar is totally fun. You enjoy and, at the same time, learn something valuable. Many games exist, and you only need to know which one is the best for you. If your weakness is grammar, choose a game that will sharpen your grammar.

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Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 Patch Notes and Updates





Call of Duty Warzore season 4 patch notes

Call of Duty is a popular action video game playable in the first person. The publishers of the game are Activision and it released in 2003. The first series of the game was about the incidents of World War II. But now the new releases of the games also focus on modern times and even futuristic world. The developers of the game are Sledgehammer Games, Infinity Ward, and Treyarch. There were also many spins offs of the games released for the fans of the game. There is a new season 4 of the game called Call of Duty: Warzone. Know about the Call of Duty: Warzone season 4 patch notes here.

Know about the updates

Call of Duty Warzone

Season 4 of Call of Duty: Warzone contains many updates. The new updates are active from June 29. The name of the update is Season 4 Reloaded. The update will change from 22-36 GB for modern warfare players and for the warzone players it will be 22-30 GB. The players of the console also must get a secondary download which will be 3.5 GB. When the installation is over the Modern warfare footprint will have more chances. Then there will be a little more in the warzone.

Many types of additions are also going to come. There is going to be a battle royale with novel updates. The creators also have added some changes and improvements in the weapons. So here are some of the patch notes for your information. These details got released by the Infinity ward before the update.

What are the novel additions in the game?

Call of Duty Warzone game update

The most notable addition in the game is the high count of the player raised to 200. Now this addition will get added in the Battle Royale Quads which means that 50 quads will be able to jump at the same time in Verdansk.

The contracts in the supply run also go to the warzone. The players have to activate the contract and must journey to the BUY station. They will get a discount on the purchases. A new tool called the spotter scope will be available for the warzone players. The tool is a high powered tool which will help the player to scan the environment and identify the enemies hidden from sight.

Furthermore, the Gulag will get semi-auto rifles, handy knives, snipers, and melee loadout. Some of the modes in the warzone are BR Trios, BR Solos, and Plunder Blood Money, BR Solos, and lots more. There will also be a new sniper rifle called Rytec AMR and Roze which is an operator.

What is arriving on Call of Duty Modern warfare?

The modern warfare in the game will receive a new map in the style of Cheshire 24/7. The players will have to use the map for the tactical multiplayer combat situated in urban London, England. There is also an addition of the famous game model called Team Defender. Some of the other accessible matters are the Blueprint Gunfight, Shoot the Ship 24/7, Ground War, and lots more.

Weapon alteration and fine-tuning

Season 4 will have a perfect balance of the weapons as the previous update was not well received by the players. So here are some of the alterations in the weapons offered by Infinity Ward.

  • The M4 will do reloading of AR magazine when trying to again load the under-barrel launcher. This will happen at the time when the attachment 50 Round Mag is available. This issue is now tweaked.
  • The stooping power feature is now usable in the headshots. Only specific weapons can reach 2-shot to a 1-shot such as the FAL and Oden. This changes some of the cases where headshots were less effective than body shots at the time of using stooping power.
  • Now the MK2 Carbine speed is faster and the damage is more.
  • For Dragonuv the ADS speed is more and the gun recoils to the centre.
  • Less damage and 10MM range for MP5.
  • For AX-50 the damaging effect got increased.
  • The HDR promises definite hit and damage on the lower torso at any range.
  • Many fixes are also performed on the game to improve the gameplay.

Call of Duty: Warzone Trailer


Call of Duty is one of the best games in the world. Many people are addicts of the game. The many improvements and adjustments performed on the game will make it more enhanced and effective.

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