5 Reasons Why Arranged Marriages Are So Successful In India?

Love or arranged marriage? Still, many people are confused between these two while choosing one for them. But nowadays, where everyone is dating online and exploring love, going for an arranged marriage might sound a bit old school for many. Interestingly, this concept has been a part of our culture for centuries and it still holds great importance in our society.

Many of the people opt for arranged marriages as compared to love marriages because the success rate of these marriages is higher than love marriages. It is because of several reasons like minimal expectations, social compatibility, trust in each other, etc.

Have a look at possible reasons due to which arrange marriages are still so successful in India.

1. Fewer expectations from both the sides

Fewer expectations from both the sides
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In an arranged marriage, we hardly know each other. So, it takes time to understand your partner and what he/she wants from you. However, in an arranged marriage, one cannot expect much from another person as you never know whether he feels the same or not. When you know a person before marriage, things are totally different. The expectation level is much in this case and the chances of getting complaints also increase. But in the case of arranged marriages, there are fewer expectations from each other, so there are no complaints which make you both lead a happy life.

2. Social compatibility with each other

Social compatibility with each other
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We know love is blind. The reason arranged marriage success rate is higher because couples are socially compatible with each other. When you fall in love, you fall in love with the person. However, when you get into matrimony, you marry their family and culture as well. Lots of matrimony sites are there where you can look for a suitable partner for yourself according to your moral values and beliefs. For a person who is not from the same social upbringing, adjusting in the new environment would be difficult. So, this thing rarely happens when the couples have an arranged marriage.

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3. Maintaining the family’s tradition and culture

Maintaining the family’s tradition and culture
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In love marriages, people from two different worlds will come together where the beliefs and moral values will not match. Some prefer this and some not. In arranged marriages, these things are kept in mind before choosing a partner, this is why they look for the same community and religion.

4. Your parents have a better understanding of what’s best and perfect for you

what's best and perfect for you

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In India, still many parents opt for arranged marriages for their children. They believe in arranged marriages and they think that this is the best for the future of their child. They also understand you and your needs better and also the complexities of such kind of relationships.

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5. You need to trust each other

You need to trust each other
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Whether it’s a love or arranged marriage, trust is the most important thing that can make or break any relation. At the end of the day, you need to trust your partner with whom you are getting married. Though no one can predict in advance about the success of arranged marriages.

So, these were some of the things that make arrange marriages still very successful in India.

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