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Top Benefits Of Power Napping and How To Do It Like A Pro




Benefits of Power Napping

When it comes to power napping, our culture has some serious myths and misconceptions. Most of the adults associate naps with childhood. It is something that kids can only do and is not expected from someone who is a grown-up adult now. How is that logic even correct? How can you expect that an adult can’t fall asleep the entire day? As per the research findings, the study has proven that there are some serious holes in that logic. The reality is something else and it’s that taking a quick power nap can actually improve your overall health and can make you a better human being.

Here are some of the benefits of power napping and how to do it right?

Benefits of Power Napping

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1. It boosts your productivity and alertness

Did you know taking a short nap of around 30 minutes can improve your productivity and alertness? They are very good for your brain and body as it helps in making you relaxed.

2. Improves your heart health

Now, who would like to take those prescriptions daily to keep your heart fit and healthy? If I tell you that taking quick power naps can be the best way to reduce your blood pressure, then would you take it?

3. Elevates your mood

Of course, everyone loves taking a power nap. As per scientific studies, regular napping improves your mental and cognitive health. In elderly people, napping may also reduce frustration and confusion as napping has the power to increase coordination and reaction time in adults.

How to power nap like a pro?

How to power nap like a pro

via: Pexels

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If you want to get the benefits of a power nap, make sure that you do it right. Here are four ways to optimize your power napping.

1. Pick your time and duration

Most of the experts recommend that power napping at the same time every day could help in training your body to fall asleep at that time easily. Try to fall asleep between 1 and 3 p.m when your energy dips.

2. Set the stage

Make sure when you try to fall asleep, your room must be quiet, as dark as possible and fairly cool. Research shows that cool, dark and noise-free environment is most conducive to sleep.

3. Consider drinking coffee beforehand

How about having a coffee nap? Actually, this is something that involves drinking a cup of coffee and then immediately napping for 20 minutes. It takes around 20 minutes for caffeine to get into your body and when you wake up after that, you are like extra alert and attentive.

4. Calm your mind

Not everyone is pro at taking power naps. So, it will take some time for you to get through this if you have started this thing recently. You need to calm down your mind and adjust it to get sleep during a set time. At first, you will face problems, but after that, you will get used to it.

So are you ready for a power nap now?

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Dealing With An Aggressive Cat In A Calm Manner

Satendra Kashyap



Dealing With An Aggressive Cat in A Calm Manner

When I think of cats I don’t know why but I’m immediately taken to ancient Egypt with the Pharaohs and all things royal, they seem to walk around as if on a cloud and heads held high, like they own the place. Felines no matter the size or shape has a finesse that comes with ease, a natural air of grace, and a chicness like no other. Cats in the wild can creep up to a meter in proximity to their prey before being noticed, pouncing with speed and agility before the victim has even had a chance to react. Then there are domestic cats that are on a whole other level of being fed, but the survival instinct is never lost, they know where their loyalties lie.

Lastly, we have what I see daily having moved to Europe a few months ago, the street cat, or should I say the ‘Hunger Games survivor, because let’s be honest, on the streets, it’s an eat or be eaten mentality that keeps you alive from day today. I see cats with torn ears, facial scars, and imperfect strides, all indicators of a victor from battle.

Ok yes, it does sound a bit dramatic, but if you have ever tried to fall asleep and a catfight to the death is happening outside the window on the grass area below the block of flats, you’ll know it’s about to go down and there can only be one winner.

Aggressive cats, from what I’ve seen, have increased significantly over the past few years, perhaps it’s a survival personality taking over the species or simply a virus going unnoticed till it’s too late.

Aggression in cats is not new if you are unsure if your cat is showing signs of aggression check out this quick video and see what this cat owner has to say with tips and advice to get you started to diagnose the issue.

If they aren’t all of the symptoms being shown, it is never a waste to know what could happen if you are concerned. Let’s take a look at a natural ingredient that just may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

CBD for cat behavior

CBD for cat behavior

This plant, also known as hemp CBD or Cannabidiol, has been gaining increasing popularity over the last few years due to its many benefits on the body, and all without the additives of toxic chemicals and harmful pesticides.

We all know medicines have quicker effects and reactions in our metabolic systems, but do we want to risk having adverse side-effects from the preservative elements added in during manufacturing, or the fungicides sprayed during harvesting? Why put our bodies through this when there are organic and natural products and ingredients on the market?

CBD is great for treating ailments in humans and changing people’s lives, and this is no different when it comes to the animal kingdom. CBD, whether administered in the form of drops or food creations, has shown a positive outlook for pet owners around the world.

If your cat is showing signs of aggression, it is best treated early on, don’t wait to see if it will go away on its own. There are many reasons why cats become aggressive, they may be in a new environment if you have recently moved and this is their way of protecting themselves.

Pain is a big factor when it comes to an unhappy animal, for fear of having to move or be moved because it could trigger the pain, cats lash out as a defense mechanism.

Thankfully with products like CBD on the rise, we can have peace of mind in knowing that adding a few drops to your cat’s diet could be all it takes to eliminate or manage chronic pain. If this sounds like what you’re experiencing with your pet, visit here for a browse at products and recommendations on how to implement CBD into your cats’ nutritional menu.

Benefits of CBD

  • Pain relief. Reducing inflammation in joints.
  • Calming a stressed animal and regulating social behaviors.
  • Anti-seizure. Managing the pulses in the neuro system of the brain to control fits.

If you have tried everything else and nothing has worked, try CBD, what have you got to lose?

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9 Indoor Plants That Need Less Care That You Can Grow Easily





9 Indoor Plants That Need Less Care

Indoor plants are one of the joys of life. It can make your living room or any other inner space appear surreal. But some indoor plants may need more care and others less. If you are searching for plants that need less care then you can find many options here. These low maintenance plants will heighten the beauty of your home environment. Your guests will get impressed. The plants will help in purifying the air and will also enhance your mood. So add these delights of nature at your home and enjoy your home life.

1. Pothos

Pothos plant

Taking care of Pothos plants are simple. They are suitable for all kinds of indoor environments. You can even keep it in your powder rooms too. The plants can also handle low light. However, you have to keep the plant in soil rich in nutrients. Pothos also grow really well so you can keep them in places where there is more space.

2. Cactus

Cactus plant

There are many well-known species in the Cactaceae family that you can keep in your home. They are different to look at because of their shapes and spikes. So if you want to decorate your home then this is the best plant. It will provide a positive atmosphere in your home. So choose from the different varieties of plants indoors. You did not even have to water the plants as they can thrive in a dry atmosphere.

3. Heartleaf Philodendron

Heartleaf Philodendron

This plant can grow in any place in your house. You do not need to keep it always in the sun. If you like to keep the plants at hanging pots then this plant is suitable. The plants get the name Heartleaf Philodendron because of its heart-shaped leaves. So choose these plants for the indoors.

4. Spider plant

Spider plant

This plant only needs less sun for its growth. However, if you keep it by the windows at your house the colour of the leaves will come out very well. The plants will also be able to thrive in artificial lighting. It will purify the air inside the house and keeps it always fresh. Hence this is a great addition to your home.

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5. Lavender

Lavender plant

The colour of the lavender plants will give a pleasant feel for your home. It is one of the best plants that are best for indoor use. They do not grow well in areas where the humidity is high. So you can keep the plants in a pot at less humidity. So with the right light, the lavender plants can grow well indoors. You can water the plants one or two times a week. This is enough for the plants to thrive indoors. Give the best possible look at your house with gorgeous lavender plants.

6. Snake plant

Snake plant

Taking care and growing the snake plant is very easy. Keep the plants at indirect sunlight for it to grow well. The soil needs to get drained well for it to grow. You can use a simple fertilizer for the plants to grow well. There are many types of snake plants available for you. Choose the one you love the most and grow it at your house.

7. Aloe vera Plant

Aloe vera Plant

The aloe plant does not need more water to grow. The plant can also thrive at dry soil. There are also many beauty and health benefits offered by aloe plants so this is a definite addition. Keep the plant at a warm place for it to grow well. The aloe plants grow in similar shapes that will offer your home a good appeal. To make your home look green and serene this is the best plant.

8. Peace Lily

Peace Lily

Many plant lovers prefer peace lily because of its pretty flowers and leaves. The plant is an adaptable variety. It is also low maintenance so taking care of it is easy for many. This plant is available in many sizes too so pick the size that suits your home.

9. Succulents

Succulent plant

The succulents are tiny. They are easy to take care of. If your indoor is compact then this plant is very suitable to take care of and manage. The plants can grow in small cups and pots. There are many designs of plants available so choose these cute and pretty plants for your home or office use.


Plants are lovely and also beneficial as they can help us calm our moods. Many offices and homes prefer to keep plants inside as they help to manage the stress. They have a peaceful quality to them. So certainly keep the best indoor plants in your homes as they are easy to take care of.

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Which Are The Best Kratom Strains For Rheumatoid Arthritis?




Kratom Strains For Rheumatoid Arthritis

Users claim kratom to be very useful for treating Rheumatoid Arthritis or any same kind of painful illness. But keep in mind that all kratom strains are not effective for pain relief, only red vein strains are considered to be best for pain control. But from red strains, there are furthermore two choices:

  • Indo, Borneo, Bali: for treating Rheumatoid Arthritis with sedating effects.
  • Malay Kratom: for treating Rheumatoid Arthritis without any sedation.

The best strains for treating Rheumatoid Arthritis pain are discussed below:

  • Indo, Borneo, and Bali

Indo and others like Borneo and Bali are from the same motherland, Indonesia. These are the best strain for relieving pains like in Arthritis. Moreover, the number of alkaloids in these strains are more than any other strain. But this pain control benefits also bring sedation with it.

Which concludes, patients who are suffering from rheumatoid Arthritis will also experience sedation. But this sedation is relaxing quality which is good for patients facing Rheumatoid Arthritis.

It is observed, sedating effects from medicines is higher than the sedation from Indo, Borneo, and Bali.

  • Malaysian Strain

Another option for treating pain and inflammation from Rheumatoid Arthritis is through Malaysian strains. All Malaysian strains are beneficial but Malay Kratom is the best strain with the quality of not causing sedation, unlike Indo, Borneo, and Bali.

It gives pain control effects without leaving the person sedative. Plus, the aftereffects of Malay Kratom are also less effective and risky.

What should be the usage of Kratom for treating pains?

If you are deciding to use kratom for Rheumatoid Arthritis then it should be consumed in the correct and prescribed way. When a user consumes kratom directly then it should be maximum.

Use of kratom herbal tea is not recommended in this case as kratom alkaloids will not be available that much.

People can use a direct form like kratom powder which can be consumed in many ways. Another option is kratom capsules which is also beneficial.

What are the tips to find the right Kratom strain for the first time?

Trying new thing is very risky as people are confused and nervous too before starting any new thing especially for consuming. And if your first-time experience turns out good then you would definitely like to try it again and gradually become a user.

But if your first experience turns out bad then will going to hate and curse that product and will also not recommend to anyone.

But the condition will get from hands if you will not follow some rules and standard of kratom before getting started to any new strain. In that case, you will find kratom as a bad choice which is not right for you.

The reason for not getting the desired effects from kratom is due to some mistake that people usually made.

Tips for making the first time Kratom experience the best

Kratom has some sort of attraction in it which involves the benefits and all the positive points. However, kratom is a well-known plant but still, there are many points that beginners should know before.

Here are three of the basic kratom tips for first users to make their experience pleasurable:

  • Finding perfect kratom strain

When people hear about kratom, there is only one tree in mind that is referred to as Mitragyna Speciosa. But a few people know that it has many varieties in types. These kratom varieties are known as kratom strains. Each one of them has unique and distinctive effects and properties. Kratom is basically a relaxing and medicinal plant which is similar to opiates but not an opiate.

People should be careful in the start, for selecting their right kratom strain. Generally, there are many Kratom USA Vendors that are selling kratom strains. These vendors sell kratom with different product names and brands. Nevertheless, we can classify kratom into three categories:

  • Kratom type by its origin: It involves the land where a certain type of kratom grows. Like there are some countries that produce kratoms such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Borneo, Thailand, Brunei, and other nearby areas.
  • Kratom type by its vein colour: The veins in the centre of kratom leaves are not always green. These veins vary in colours such as beside green, there are also red and white veins. The colour of strain verifies the type of kratom, its effects, and the richness of its alkaloids.
  • Kratom type by its form: kratom products are available in many forms, from which user can select their preferable forms such as kratom leaves, powder, capsules, tinctures, resin, and enhance kratom strains.

These forms of kratom describe the different potencies of alkaloids. Powder and capsules are naturally made products with kratom but enhance strains are artificial products that are modified to enhance them.

  • Initiate Kratom with a small dosage

Dosage is the basic and second step that is very crucial for all kratom users. Kratom is sensitive to dosage. Kratom rack shows its effects most at a moderate dosage and high dosage is not considered a better choice. For new users, it is highly suggested to start with a low dose.

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