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25-Year-old Lual Mayen Invents Video Game To Make You Better Understand The Life Of A Refugee




Lual Mayen's Refugee Video Game

What comes to your mind when it comes to remembering your childhood experiences, maybe that naughtiness, and your tantrums for food? Moreover, you could not even imagine what your childhood experience can bring to you. It can lead to great inventions. The perfect example here is of 25-year-old Lual Mayen who has invented a video game that lets you experience and better understand the real life of a refugee.

Lual Mayen invents video game ‘Salaam’ based on his childhood experiences

Lual Mayen Invents Video Game

via: NPR

Yes, he has invented the video game to give players a good understanding of what it means to be a refugee. So, his game ‘Salaam’ is based on his own childhood experiences. Read on to know more.

When he was born, his family travelled 250 miles to escape South Sudan’s second civil war. He was a refugee himself who has spent the first 22 years of his life as a refugee in Uganda before moving to the United States.

He still remembers the horrific ordeals of the war, he said: “A lot of people don’t understand the journey of a refugee. It was a journey of life and death”.

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What the game is all about?


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The game he has invented gives the players a real idea about what the life of a refugee looks life. How they keep fighting, battling, taking pain and remain hungry for days. You will be going to experience all this in the game on your own and can feel the pain he used to. That’s what his motive to create the game.

You can download the game for free but, when you need to buy food, water or medicines for your characters in the game, you will have to make in-app purchases that will go to real-life refugees. Wow, that’s now something incredible. So, whatever you are spending in the game to purchase something that goes to the real-life refugee.

His mother helped him a lot to create the game


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While Lual was growing, he has never seen any computer or laptop. He did not even know how it functions and for what it is used? His mother worked hard to earn money so that she could buy a new laptop for him so that he could watch online free game tutorials and build the game.

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He was also named as a ‘Global Gaming Citizen’

Soon, his game went viral and caught the attention of the gaming industry after he uploaded it on Facebook. The game awards in 2018, in Los Angeles, he was also named as a ‘Global Gaming Citizen’.

What’s now?


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Do you know, now he owns his studio in Washington DC where he designs games to help players build peace and harmony? He hopes that his game will show people the reality of refugees so that players build empathy for refugees.

Well, I think he has done a wonderful job as he has lived his dream by creating a game he always wanted. This is not just a game for him, this is his real life. Through this game, he also wants every gamer to understand what refugee is all about.

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Featured image source: Reuters

After completing my studies and getting a decent job I wanted to do something creative. I firmly believed that there should be a hobby that helps you to earn. Thus I made my hobby of writing into my part-time profession and started to write from the last two years. My journey as a writer has enriched me.



Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 Patch Notes and Updates




Call of Duty Warzore season 4 patch notes

Call of Duty is a popular action video game playable in the first person. The publishers of the game are Activision and it released in 2003. The first series of the game was about the incidents of World War II. But now the new releases of the games also focus on modern times and even futuristic world. The developers of the game are Sledgehammer Games, Infinity Ward, and Treyarch. There were also many spins offs of the games released for the fans of the game. There is a new season 4 of the game called Call of Duty: Warzone. Know about the Call of Duty: Warzone season 4 patch notes here.

Know about the updates

Season 4 of Call of Duty: Warzone contains many updates. The new updates are active from June 29. The name of the update is Season 4 Reloaded. The update will change from 22-36 GB for modern warfare players and for the warzone players it will be 22-30 GB. The players of the console also must get a secondary download which will be 3.5 GB. When the installation is over the Modern warfare footprint will have more chances. Then there will be a little more in the warzone.

Many types of additions are also going to come. There is going to be a battle royale with novel updates. The creators also have added some changes and improvements in the weapons. So here are some of the patch notes for your information. These details got released by the Infinity ward before the update.

What are the novel additions in the game?

The most notable addition in the game is the high count of the player raised to 200. Now this addition will get added in the Battle Royale Quads which means that 50 quads will be able to jump at the same time in Verdansk.

The contracts in the supply run also go to the warzone. The players have to activate the contract and must journey to the BUY station. They will get a discount on the purchases. A new tool called the spotter scope will be available for the warzone players. The tool is a high powered tool which will help the player to scan the environment and identify the enemies hidden from sight.

Furthermore, the Gulag will get semi-auto rifles, handy knives, snipers, and melee loadout. Some of the modes in the warzone are BR Trios, BR Solos, and Plunder Blood Money, BR Solos, and lots more. There will also be a new sniper rifle called Rytec AMR and Roze which is an operator.

What is arriving on Call of Duty Modern warfare?

The modern warfare in the game will receive a new map in the style of Cheshire 24/7. The players will have to use the map for the tactical multiplayer combat situated in urban London, England. There is also an addition of the famous game model called Team Defender. Some of the other accessible matters are the Blueprint Gunfight, Shoot the Ship 24/7, Ground War, and lots more.

Weapon alteration and fine-tuning

Season 4 will have a perfect balance of the weapons as the previous update was not well received by the players. So here are some of the alterations in the weapons offered by Infinity Ward.

  • The M4 will do reloading of AR magazine when trying to again load the under-barrel launcher. This will happen at the time when the attachment 50 Round Mag is available. This issue is now tweaked.
  • The stooping power feature is now usable in the headshots. Only specific weapons can reach 2-shot to a 1-shot such as the FAL and Oden. This changes some of the cases where headshots were less effective than body shots at the time of using stooping power.
  • Now the MK2 Carbine speed is faster and the damage is more.
  • For Dragonuv the ADS speed is more and the gun recoils to the centre.
  • Less damage and 10MM range for MP5.
  • For AX-50 the damaging effect got increased.
  • The HDR promises definite hit and damage on the lower torso at any range.
  • Many fixes are also performed on the game to improve the gameplay.


Call of Duty is one of the best games in the world. Many people are addicts of the game. The many improvements and adjustments performed on the game will make it more enhanced and effective.

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Biomutant Release Date, Plot and Gameplay Detail





Biomutant Game release date

Do you want to play an amazing new game? Then here is good news for you. Biomutant is a role-playing game that is going to get released shortly. The developers of the game are Swedish developers called Experiment 101. The game will release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows. The publishers of the game are THQ Nordic. There is going to be a lot of action in the game and it will take place in a futuristic world. Unreal Engine 4 used in the making of the game. Find the Biomutant release date here.

When is the release date?

The announcement regarding the Biomutant game came long back. The release date got changed many times. Now the sources say that the game will get released in July. But there is no date fixed. Moreover, this is the right time for the game to release as it does not have to compete or clash with the release of any new games.

The plot of Biomutant

Biomutant Role Playing Game

The Biomutant game will contain branching storylines that mean that the steps taken by the players will decide the story. The world of the game experiences a natural disaster where the poisonous oil gets leaked and damages the tree of life. The tree has five roots and it provides life through the roots. So to rescue the tree of life the player has to travel to the end of the root. Along with the oil, there is a creature loose that is trying to eat the tree. There are six kinds of tribes in the game. The players have to join or keep away from the tribes as the game progresses. Some tribes are friendly and supportive while others have plans of their own.

The gameplay details

Biomutant gameplay

Biomutant is an action game with role-playing features. The game is an open-world environment and set in a third-person perspective. The player has to gain control of the animal and the world filled with such animal characters. The player has to create their character in the game. They have to decide on the gender, length, fangs, fur, and body shape of the mammal. There is also a combat system in the game for the players to fight with the enemies.

The players can also add some abilities as the game progresses. They can attach robotic legs, claws, and wings that will prove useful in the game. Another main thing they have to keep in mind is to overcome obstacles in the game using the equipment such as oxygen containers in places where there is less oxygen.

There is also a karma system in the game. The players can recruit the characters in the game for their purposes. The characters can support the player as well as change sides according to the decisions taken. There are also a lot of narrations in the story and sometimes it can be manually changed.

Biomutant Official Trailer


Biomutant is going to be an interesting game. Set in the future this game will have many exciting features that will surprise gamers. Stay tuned for its release this month.

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Fairy Tail Game Release Date, Setting and Characters Detail





Fairy Tail Game release date

Fairy Tail is an anime series that got adapted from the manga of the same name. The writer and illustrator of the manga are Hiro Mashima. The story is about a wizard who experiences many adventures in the magical world. There is a video game based on the anime going to get released soon. This is good news for anime fans and gamers. Find all the details about the Fairy Tail Game release date and other information below.

When is the release date?

There are many games based on Fairy Tail available however in 2019 the announcement regarding the version of a role-playing video game released. It is going to get developed by Gust Co. Ltd. The game will get released on the platforms such as PlayStation 4, Steam, and Nintendo Switch. At first, the date of release given was on March 19, 2020, however, it got delayed to June 25. Then again the date got postponed on July 30, 2020. But the final release date fixed on July 31, 2020, for release. The delay was due to the on-going coronavirus pandemic.

The setting and characters in the Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail Game

In the game setting, there will be a number of guilds and parts of them are the wizards. This is the same as in the anime. They use the magic for the job requests for which they get paid. There is a dragon slayer named Natsu Dragneel who is part of the Fairy Tail Guild. He is searching the kingdom of Fiore for his adoptive father dragon Igneel who went missing. During the journey, he becomes friends with a wizard named Lucy Heartfilia and she asks him to be a part of Fairy Tail. There are many members in the team such as Gray Fullbuster, Erza Scarlet, Carla, and Wendy Marvell. They go on many kinds of missions as a group and also fight with criminals.

– Characters

The many adventures of the team will get depicted in the game. Much information about it is not available however we can presume that it will take a lot of missions from the anime as well as the manga. As it is a role-playing game the players will be able to control the characters who play a major role in the anime. Some of the popular villains of the anime will also get a major role in the game. The players will have to fight with the villains using the abilities the characters contain.

The game underwent many delays as the creators wanted to offer a good game to the fans. Many are eagerly waiting for it to release as they want to play as their favourite characters.

What can we expect?

The few pictures released by the creators reveal that they have worked hard to depict the characters of the anime with good effects and detail. The battles fought by the Fairy Tail gang will also get a place in the game. The many missions undertaken by the group will play a huge role to make the game interesting. So be ready to visit the members of the Fairy Tail that consist of Wizards and dragon slayers.


It is a great idea to release a game based on Fairy Tail’s story. As there are many fans of the manga and anime the game will also become a huge hit.

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